Protect Your Bottom Line with Cell Phone Spy Software

Like a boss, you come in early, you leave late and you make sure everything is as it should be and you never stop working—even after hours. And while you’d like to take a moment to stop and smell the roses you know that you can’t, because there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. You, my friend, are a forward spy

Being a boss means there are people who work for you. And chances are you’ve given these people top-of-the-line mobile phones that are necessary for them to do their jobs. But are they doing them?

Mobile technology is a godsend for most employers today, but it’s also a virtual Pandora’s box—filled with all the temptations that the internet has to offer. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, live-streaming, porn—all of these virtual attractions are, in reality, business-halting distractions to the modern worker.

Cell phone spy software is a surefire way to make certain that your employees use the tech you’ve given them the way it was supposed to be used.



Cell phone monitoring software is the leading way to monitor employees used by thousands of employers who want to keep track of the devices they’ve entrusted to their staff. Inexpensive and easy to use, cell phone spyware lets you gain access to any phone that you’ve loaded the software onto in order to monitor texts, calls, employee locations and so much more. The mobile spy app is your right hand man in your virtual office and a necessary tool for protecting against mobile device abuse and misuse in the modern world.

Cell phone spy software lets you remotely access data on a target phone and displays it on your cell phone, tablet or computer—giving you real-time coverage and information of the device you are monitoring through its numerous impressive features. This powerful and discrete app enables you to:

  • Check Call Logs: Not every employee is the ideal one. Some would rather spend all day chatting on the phone rather than work. This feature lets you monitor and filter all call logs on the targeted device—giving you access to both incoming and outgoing calls as well as the call log history—even if it’s been deleted.
  • Monitor Browser History: There’s so much online—both appropriate and inappropriate—that it’s tough to make sure your employee isn’t wasting company time surfing the net. This feature allows you to see every detail about the user’s browsing activities.
  • Monitor & Record Email: One of the most harmful things that happen within the corporate world today is emailing of inappropriate letters and pictures.  This feature lets you monitor everything that is going in and out of your targeted device’s email system.
  • Spy on SMS Text Messages: Make sure your employees aren’t spending their time engaging in back and forth texts all day long on your dime. SMS lets you track every text (SMS) message—even the deleted ones.
  • Access the Live Control Panel: This user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for any boss to access the target device and see what’s going on as it happens.
  • Read iMessages: You can record all the iPhone, iPad, or Android device texts your employee may be sending and receiving via Apple’s user-to-user system.
  • Activate the Microphone: Where is your staff? Why are they never around when you need them to be? With this feature, you can secretly activate the target phone’s microphone and listen in on the surroundings just to make sure your employee isn’t acting up on company time.
  • Snap a Photo With the Camera: Your sales rep may not always be where he or she says they are going to be. This feature lets you secretly take a picture using the target phone’s camera and upload it to your Dashboard for viewing … so you can make sure they are at their scheduled appointment and not out shopping.
  • Locate the Target Phone: Your deliveryman was supposed to drop off an important package an hour ago and didn’t. This important feature will track him down to within 50 feet via GPS and display his whereabouts on a Google mini-map in 5-minute intervals.
  • Check All Popular Messenger: Track and get a copy of every text, image, and audio message sent and received from such popular messenger apps as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Viber, BBM & Twitter.
  • Multi Media Files: Adults don’t always make the best decisions. Make certain your employees always do by monitoring all of the pictures and videos they keep on their device. Which is your device—remember?



Everyone wants to trust someone. You need to trust that your employees will show up each day, do their jobs and not misuse the equipment you’ve given them in order to do their job. But can you? After all, your employees are only human. And humans are imperfect, fallible and sometimes vindictive. It’s up to you to take the proper steps to safeguard against an employee’s innocent lapse in judgment or a more malignant misuse of company property.

By installing this fantastic software on all of your corporate devices, you can breathe easier knowing that while your employees may not auto forward spyalways have your back, Auto Forward does.


We believe in the success of those who purchase our product—because their success means our success. We stand by our product and are certain that you will be fully satisfied its superior performance.


You worked hard to get where you are. Spent long hours doing it. And passed on many of life’s simple pleasures in order to see it through. You did it because you had a dream and you wanted to see it come true. Don’t let the mistakes of others turn your dream into a nightmare. Get the best cell phone spy software today!