Cell Phone Spy App Can Help You Spy on your Spouse?

 If you think your significant other is cheating and you want to know the truth, then the surest way to do so today is to check their cell phone. But how can you do that when they won’t ever let you near it? And what if you’re wrong?

She says he’s just a friend—but is he really?

Find out the truth with today’s cell phone spy applications

Tell-tale signs your significant other is cheating:auto forward spy

  • They hide the view screen from your sight whenever they check it.
  • They pocket it away to keep you from seeing it.
  • They delete every text right after they read it.
  • They keep the device on lock and won’t tell you the password.
  • They sneak off to another room to use the device.
  • They always set it on silent mode.
  • They tell you it’s a wrong number whenever you ask.

Cheaters are a sneaky lot. But they’re also not as smart as they think they are. They think that just because they’ve erased all evidence of their infidelity that you’ll never be able to prove anything. But they’re wrong. Their mobile device is loaded with proof of their betrayal. And you can get it all … with the right mobile spy app.


Cell Phone Spyware to the rescue!

Cell phone spy software is a safe and secure product that allows you to remotely check every text, picture and phone call—plus more—that has been sent and received by your suspected cheater’s cell phone … even if it’s been deleted.

Used by thousands of people every day who want to keep an eye on their suspicious mates, cell phone spy software is affordable, simple to install, easy to use and completely covert.


Discover what cell phone spy software can do for you.

Your cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend may not be telling you anything, but their cell phone will cough up everything. A cell phone spy app is a powerful product that can get you all the information you need … and the other person will never ever know. Cell phone spy software can provide you remote access to your betrayer’s:auto forward spy

  • Social media activity: Check how often the target accesses Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram and other popular sites and see what they are posting.
  • Text messages: Get an exact copy of every text sent or received—even the deleted ones.
  • iMessages: View all the texts sent and received on Apple’s user-to-user iMessages server.
  • Emails: View and save every email message sent and received—including the deleted ones—and acquire the email address as well.
  • Call logs: Check every number called or received on the target cell phone—plus find out each call’s time and length.
  • Pictures & videos: View every picture and watch every video taken by and received by the target device.
  • Browser history: Browse through every webpage viewed on the target device.
  • Off-phone conversations: Secretly activate the target phone’s microphone and listen to its user’s conversations.
  • Physical location: Pinpoint the target phone’s location to within 50 feet via Auto Forward’s GPS Locater and see it displayed on a Google Map.
  • Environment: Secretly take a picture using the target phone’s camera and have it uploaded to your Dashboard for viewing.


Spying can be a necessary evil.

Let’s be honest, no one really wants to spy on someone they love. It’s wrong and dirty and can make you feel less of a person. But being a cuckold and feeling a fool can make you feel far worse. The reality is that you need to look out for you first. If your trust is being betrayed then you need to find out—and cell phone spyware can help.

Inexpensive, stealthy and always reliable, spy software lets users monitor several different phones through a secure account. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and works with all cell phone service providers.


The many merits of Cell Phone Spy Software.


Navigating through a cell phone spy’s web-based control panel is clear and simple—making it easy for you to check chat logs, spy on text messages, or locate the device via the GPS.


Stealth is our business. That’s how we win your business. Being able to monitor another’s cell phone undetected is of utmost importance to anyone trying to confirm that their spouse is cheating on them. If the other party found out—and the spy turned out to be wrong—yikes! Cell phone spyware lets you spy on text messages, listen in on phone calls and take pictures remotely without anyone ever knowing.auto forward spy


When you purchase cell phone spy software, you’ll receive an email from the company that will take you step by step through a painless installation process. Within minutes, you’ll have the software installed and you can begin remotely monitoring the target device without ever having to have it in your possession again.


Cell phone spy apps work with iPhone, iPad, iPod and every Android device. It’s a flexible product that is compatible with every cell phone provider.


It really is! Cost among the many existing spy apps varies and you don’t always get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cell Phone Spyware

auto forward spyI want to use cell phone spy software to spy on my wife’s phone. Will she know that I’m doing it? No. Not at all. spyware runs discretely in the target phone’s background. It is invisible at all times.

Do I have to have my boyfriend’s cell phone in order to install the app? Yes, but only for a few minutes. The spyware app installs quickly and easily. Once it’s installed, you never have to puts your hands on his phone again.

Do I have to jailbreak the iPhone in order to install the app? Yes you do, but it’s not difficult. Jailbreaking is a relatively painless process that, in the end, gives your iPhone more options. It frees your cell from Apple’s restraints so that you can purchase apps that are offered outside of their store.

How do I get the software? We will send you step-by-step instructions (after your purchase) via email on how to download, install and activate it. The process is quick and easy and it will have you up and running immediately after the installation is complete.

This software can be used for more than just catching a lousy spouse. Once you find that perfect mate and you have kids, you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on your children. Learn how cell phone spy software can do that too! Read more here.